Guitar ComfortVideos

With over 50 years experience Richard has created some help videos. The first ones were recorded back in 2012.

No.1 - Carrying a Guitar

No.2 - How To Put On a Guitar Strap

No.3 - Other Guitar Protection

No.4 - Up and Down Stairs

No.5 - Avoid Heat!

No.6 - When a Guitar is not Bing Played

No.7 - Careful What You Touch

No.8 - Guitars and Airplanes

No.9 - Mark Everything

No.10 - Check Guitar Case

No.11 - Hotel Gigs

No.12 - Stepping on Guitar Cords

No.13 - Wheels for Heavy Amps

No.14 - Guitar Insurance

No.15 - Pick and Strum Technique

No.16 - Own Too Many Guitars?

No.17 - Loudness (Volume)

No.18 - Accessories

No.19 - Tuning and Lost Harmonics

No.20 - Buying Guitars for Investment

No.21 - Increase Your Picking Speed

No.22 - Playing professionally

No.23 - Playing Guitar By the Numbers

No.24 - Passing Chords

No.25 - Most Important Advice!

No.26 - Fretboard Locations

No.27 - TSA Inspections

No.28 - Play Anywhere

No.29 - Dynamics

No.30 - Contradiction

No.31 - Intellectral Properties

No.32 - Transposing Instruments

No.33 - Other Guitar Sounds

No.34 - Timing Issues

No.35 - What is Guitar Comfort?

No.36 - Adding Harmony

No.37 - I Love My Gibsons

No.38 - Body Language, Signs & Gestures

No.39 - November Holiday Songs

No.40 - Why?

No.41 - Add a Little Bass

No.42 - Perfect Pitch

No.43 - Professional Songwriting

No.43 - Part II Radio Airplay

No.44 - What is a Great Guitarist?video in progress

No.45 - Breakfast Edition

No.46 - Breakfast for two Special Edition

No.47 - Special Edition Salad Sandwiches

No.48 - Tax Deductions

No.49 - Special Edition Snacks and Style

No.50video in progress