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Richard's email... rrowley10@cox.net

Our Three piece 'Cover Songs' group "Louisiana LIVE" can handle just about any event; Parties; Weddings; Fests, etc. because we can play a variety of music (See our song list) Click Here for List and we also include our audience whenever possible.Click Here to View Basic Line Dances and Audience Participation

Mainly, we specialize in Louisiana Music, Cajun, Country, Dixieland, Funk, 50s Rock n Roll, Southern Rock, and Zydeco. Those hits that were recorded in Louisiana and/or songs about Louisiana. Yet, if our audience prefers something else, we can give them what they want to the best of our ability. As Abraham Lincoln would say, "We please most of the people most of the time."

Videos of The LOUISIANA "LIVE" Band Performing at Michaul's in New Orleans, La.

    Hey Good Lookin'


    What a Wonderful World

    Sweet Home Alabama

Being a small group, we have more control over our volume, yet we can also "crank it up" to handle larger crowds.