“Keys and Keynotes”

This book deals with subjects that so many of us face on a day to day basis, such as crime, computer problems, healthcare, recycling, and even anger management.

The main goal of this book is to demonstrate how people can channel their anger into writing as an alternative to violence, or having health problems resulting from their stress.

The majority of subjects in this book comes from my real-life experiences, and I thought it was time to share these events and that experience with the readers of this book.

I have left out a lot of things that I thought would be too vulgar, politically incorrect, and downright offensive to any and everyone.

What’s left still contains a lot of fun stuff I think most people will enjoy while making my family proud of me. :-)

Over the period of many years I have been keeping notes about problems I would like to see solved which have also become my keynotes because of their prevailing tone, and being a musician the title “Keys and Keynotes” made a lot of sense.

According to “Page Publishing” it is available at:

Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Google play, and itunes

Another reason for having this book published is to help raise money for my daughter’s head injury support group ABISnola.org (Adult Brain Injury Survivors) of New Orleans.

This could be a nice Christmas present at a reasonable cost for a lot of people.

Please buy my book from these stores instead of me so that my book will show lots of sales and ABIS can also receive lots of money. Thank you.

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