Year after year during the hot summer months we hear about children and animals dying horrible deaths in the backseat of cars, SUVs and other vehicles and we are helpless to do anything about this.

We hear of new inventions and and other inovations "in progress", meanwhile these deaths continune. Eventually vehicles will be equiped with something, but nothing is being done right now.

We have an idea that may help (anything is better than nothing) is to ask store owners to post some type of sign (even if it's done with a "Marks-o-lot" on a letter size piece of paper with the wording "CHECK BACKSEAT." Pehaps someone entering this business will see this sign and remember that they didn't check to make sure a child or animal was not forgotten.

Things happen. Mom thinks dad has their child, and vice versa, etc. Granma may be helping out or a teen might be doing the transporting and have other things on his or her mind."

I hear some people say, "I would never leave my child in a hot car!" Oh cource we all don't want to do that, but things do happen.

We have constructed triangle paper signs that can be displayed on a dashboard or a counter, etc. that displays the reminder message "CHECK BACKSEAT" and you can have one "free." We also have the master artwork that shows the folding lines, etc., and we are also giving this away, so hopfully you will also make lots of them to give friends, family and the kids to pass out at their school, etc.

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